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Sorby Centre: Facility operating normally. For training and access registration requests please email providing your full name and IT Services (CiCS) user ID. Attention: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Sorby Centre will remain closed until further notice.

XRD Research Facility: The XRD lab is currently closed due to Coronavirus. For training or queries, email To report issues, complete this form.

Micropreparation Please note that access to chemicals for etching will require you to have completed a new CoSHH form.  For training or queries, please contact and fill out the registration form (if not done already) available hereAttention: Until further notice the micropreparation lab will be closed due to Coronavirus.

Characterisation Research Facility: For training or queries please contact Registration forms required before using the Facility can be found here

NanoCharaterisation (G5a/C9d):   All instruments are operational.  For training or queries on these instruments, please contact Dawn Bussey: 

Arc Melting: The issue with The Arcast Arc200 hasn't been solved. It is not available until 22/03/2020. Please contact for queries about alternative arc melters. 

For booking system queries, please contact staff at the facility you wish to use or are having issues with. If your access to a facility has expired, please email the appropriate contact above giving (i) your name, (ii) your uCard expiry date (for students) or contract expiry date (for staff), and (iii) your new charge code, or username if applicable. This booking system is not affiliated with any online TUOS systems, and so will not update anything unless you take action at such times.

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